Popular Taiwanese foods we cannot miss(7)

Bubble milk tea

Better than beer: bubble tea is a drink and a snack.

Bubble milk tea(珍珠奶茶)

Bubble tea is representative of the “QQ” food texture that Taiwanese love. The cute-sounding phrase refers to something that is very chewy, just like the tapioca balls that are the “bubbles” in bubble tea.
It is said that this unique drink was invented out of boredom. Liu Han-Chieh threw some sweetened tapioca pudding into her iced Assam tea on a fateful day in 1988 and one of the greatest Taiwanese exports was born.
Huge variations on the theme have since emerged, including taro-flavored tea, jasmine tea or coffee, served cold or hot.

Pearl milk tea is not just a unique drink in Taiwan, but to become an internationally renowned beverage. Pearl milk tea in the 1980s after the invention in Taiwan, quickly became a very popular beaches in the streets, and now further extended to other countries, such as Germany’s McDonald’s 2012 will be selling pearl milk tea, respectively, mango, lychee and strawberry Fruit tastes. Britain also has pearl milk tea shop in particular to Taiwan master to ask, and has been expanding in the Middle East in Europe.

Different shops of milk tea

Popular Taiwanese foods we cannot miss(6)

beef noodles

Nothing like a good debate about beef noodles. 

Beef noodles(牛肉麵)

You know it’s an obsession when it gets its own festival.
Beef noodle soup is a dish that inspires competitiveness and innovation in chefs. Everyone wants to claim the title of beef noodle king.
From visiting Niu Ba Ba for one of the most expensive bowls of beef noodle soup in the world (TW$10,000, or US$334) to a serendipitous duck into the first makeshift noodle shack that you spot, it’s almost impossible to have a bad beef noodle experience in Taiwan.
Lin Dong Fang’s beef shanks with al dente noodles in a herbal soup are a perennial favorite. The streetside eatery’s secret weapon is the dollop of homemade chili-butter added last.

Taiwan early for the agricultural society, the residents in order to Thanksgiving cattle hard and do not eat the customs of cattle. As a result, Taiwan’s beef noodles are not long in history and are made by residents of other provinces who have moved to Taiwan since the Second World War. Now Taiwan’s beef noodles have developed into Taiwanese food. It is generally divided into “Clear Soup Stewed Beef Noodles” and “Braise the beef noodle in soy sauce“.
And with the popular Tainan beef soup tied to Taiwan’s representative beef dishes. Braised beef noodles the most common argument from Taiwan Kaohsiung Okayama Air Force Village of Sichuan by veterans, to Chengdu dishes “small bowl of red soup beef” improved.

Clear Soup Stewed Beef Noodles(清炖牛肉麵)
Braise the beef noodle in soy sauce(紅燒牛肉麵)

Popular Taiwanese foods we cannot miss(5)

Tian bu la

Don’t waste a single drop: water down the brown sauce and drink it up.

Tian bu la(甜不辣)

Tian bu la refers to fish paste that has been molded into various shapes and sizes, deep-fried, then boiled in a broth. Before eating, the pieces of solid fish paste are taken out of the broth and smothered in brown sauce.
Doesn’t sound like much, but it delivers plenty of the sweet flavors and chewy textures beloved by Taiwanese. Tian bu la is basically a Taiwan take on Japanese oden, with more sugariness, tougher fish cakes and a signature sauce.
After finishing the pieces of fish cakes, there’s more to come. Get some soup from the vendor and add it to the remaining sauce in the bowl. Mix and drink the flavor bomb.

Popular Taiwanese foods we cannot miss(4)

Fried chicken

Perfect street food: boneless and bite-sized.

In the fried chicken hall of fame, Taiwan deserves its own exhibit. Not only has it made the giant fried chicken cutlet (No. 35 on this list) a cult classic, but its popcorn chicken is dangerously addictive.
The chicken is chopped into bite-sized pieces, marinated, dipped in batter and deep-fried. A generous sprinkling of salt and pepper complete the morish morsels. It’s a ubiquitous snack on the city streets.

Fried chicken(鹽酥雞)

Fried chicken is a high-temperature fried food, diners point to eat the ingredients to the boss, the selected ingredients under the pan fried, there are many salt crisp chicken stalls in the fried before the pot, will add nine towers The pot is boiled, the wok is sprinkled with oil and pepper salt, but also sprinkle with chili powder and mix well into the paper bag, and some stalls will be mixed with garlic (mud), raw onions, chopped green onion, sauerkraut. It is rich in flavor, crisp taste, so many diners rush, is still a few no longer in the night market can survive one of the snack species.

Popular Taiwanese foods we cannot miss(3)

Xiaolongbao(Soup dumpling)

Most people know Taiwan because of xiaolongbao, to say in another word, people know most to Taiwan is xiaolongbao. When the foreigners come to Taiwan, they will definitely go to eat xiaolongbao.

Xiaolongbao may be a Shanghainese delicacy, but some argue that the Taiwanese perfected it. Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung does its Shanghai comrades proud with their succulent pork soup dumplings.

Din Tai Fung: building an empire on a dollar-sized dumpling.
Din Tai Fung’s bite-sized xiaolongbao have a consistently high quality. Their paper-thin wrappings hold rich hot broth and tender pork meatballs.
Gasps can be heard intermittently at Din Tai Fung as diners brave the scalding hot soup that squirts out upon biting the dumpling.


In the 1990s, a large number of Chinese immigrants into Spain, dumplings as a Chinese restaurant essential food. After 2000, people in order to commemorate Bruce Lee, the posters posted on the streets, more businesses will be interpreted as “martial arts star Bruce Lee favorite Chinese meat bread”, dumplings popular.

This article is to say that the dumplings are mainly dumplings soup package, which is characterized by small, filling large, juicy, delicious, thin, beautiful shape.